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157 dead in Iraq’s anti-government protests Because of Army’s excessive force

The death toll from anti-government protests that erupted in the Iraqi capital and other towns at the beginning of the month totaled 157, a formal inquiry located on Tuesday.

Approximately 70 percent of those deaths were due to bullet wounds” into the head or torso”, according to the findings, released as Iraq braces for new protests on Friday.

The official toll comprised 149 civilians and eight members of the security forces killed between October 6 and 1, during protests in Baghdad and throughout southern states.

Four security personnel were killed in Baghdad, in which clashes initially centered around the iconic Tahrir Square following protesters rallied to demand occupations, services and an end to corruption.

Afterwards unrest in the funds surfaced at the Shiite stronghold of Sadr City, which confronted a damn night of violence.

Authorities made a large commission of inquiry to research, after originally just imagining security forces used excessive force in only a couple of instances.

In its report, the question blamed some deaths on safety forces, but also mentioned other”shooters”, without identifying them.

From the beginning, police accused”anonymous snipers” submitted on rooftops overlooking protesters and security forces.

The query also declared the dismissal of all commanders throughout the security forces, such as from the military, police, anti-terror, anti-riot, anti-crime, intelligence, and domestic security components.

Their dismissal has to be verified by Prime Minister Adel Abdel Mahdi, who faces people strain before the first anniversary of his cabinet Friday when new protests are anticipated.

Human rights groups and Iraqis capable of article on social websites — inaccessible with no virtual private network (VPN) program — accuse security forces of responsibility to protester deaths: by simply shooting themselves or by neglecting to protect demonstrators from snipers.