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3 Spanish Vacationers dead, 1 missing after Swiss canyoning Crash

Three Spanish vacationers have expired and another guy remains missing following a”dreadful canyoning injury” in northern Switzerland.

Authorities in St. Gallen said the four men were reported lost Wednesday night during a heavy storm.

“They had been together on a canyoning tour at the Parlitobel Gorge and has to have been amazed by the storm,” based on some police announcement.

A high number of rescue workers were set up and police could recover three bodies but had to break off the hunt for the fourth lost man as a result of adverse weather.

The research had resumed in the morning on Thursday. The four guys have yet to be identified.

Canyoning is a favorite activity among tourists for crossing gorges by scaling swimming or abseiling.

The Parlitobel gorge in Sarganserland falls from 3,107 meters above sea level into 1343 yards and the area is described on neighborhood sites with”multiple rewarding canyoning tours”.

Back in July 1999, 21 individuals were murdered during a canyoning accident from the Swiss Alps near Interlaken if their guided excursion was swept up by sudden rain.