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4 Canadian political parties Assert Covid-19 National Commission subsidy to keep afloat

Canada’s political parties, such as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s ruling, are using a historical wage subsidy package that’s intended to keep companies afloat during the economic recession brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic.

It gives eligible outfits, large companies, almost CA$ 3,400 per worker per four-week interval and has been extended till August. It’s now emerged that nearly all of Canada’s major federal parties have been using the subsidy to maintain their political operations moving.

A spokesperson for the ruling Liberal Party affirmed it was accepted for the wage subsidy, noting in a statement that it”has fulfilled the eligibility standards for its Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy in recent months and obtained that support” The press outlet CBC lent a celebration spokesperson as saying that this was required by the fall-off in on-site fund-raising on account of the constraints that came into place in March to fight the coronavirus catastrophe.

The Liberals aren’t alone in utilizing public funds to maintain their party offices open, even though virtually.

The only party which has chosen not to use the chance is that the Bloc Quebecois. In reality, its chief was harshly critical of other parties dipping into the till. In a tweet from French, Yves-Fran├žois Blanchet stated, “To be able to fund their election campaign, multimillionaire parties such as the Liberals and Conservatives are dipping into cash from programs intended for businesses concerned about going bankrupt”

All parties have endured in the pandemic due to the inability to maintain fund-raising events along with the number of donors drying due to financial strain.