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45 Detained across Europe and Brazil as Police seize’record haul’ of cocaine

Forty-five individuals are detained in a significant global performance from a drug-trafficking network involving Brazil and Europe, Europol declared on Friday.

The European authorities agency also disclosed that over 52 tonnes of cocaine were also captured by law enforcement agencies.

Three continents were included in the research to obtain the”record haul”, which was called the”largest-ever crackdown” of its kind.

The Global analysis was brought together by Europol in April and has been directed by police in Portugal, Belgium, and Brazil

Over one thousand police officers ran 179 home searches in various nations early on Friday morning, which resulted in the arrests.

Europol, which coordinated the surgery, has described the suspects as members of a”highly professional criminal syndicate”.

The drug trafficking system is thought to have imported at least 45 tonnes of cocaine to primary European seaports every year, with gains exceeding $100 million over half an hour.

According to Europol, the offender community had direct connections with drug cartels from Brazil and other South American nations which were responsible for shipping and preparing cocaine, transported to Europe via sea containers.

“The amount of cocaine importation from Brazil into Europe under their management and control is enormous and above 52 tonnes of cocaine had been seized by law enforcement within the duration of the analysis.”

The bureau also stated that the key targets of this surgery were identified with assistance in the French and Dutch-led evaluation from the encoded mobile network Encrochat.

Authorities also seized 70 luxury vehicles in Brazil, Belgium, and Spain from the raids in addition to 37 aircraft in Brazil.

An additional 163 possessions were captured in Brazil value more than R$132 million ($20.7 million) and two homes in Spain valued at $4 million, and 2 flats in Portugal worth $2.5 million.

Ten people in Spain also have had their assets frozen as part of their surgery, Europol said.

“This performance highlights the intricate structure and vast range of literary organized crime groups in Europe,” stated Europol’s Deputy Director, Wil van Gemert.

“The scale of this challenge faced now by authorities worldwide calls for a coordinated strategy to attack the drug trade across continents”

“The dedication of our partner nations to work through Europol underpinned the success of the surgery and functions as a continuing worldwide call to action,” he added.