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550 Individuals who Seen a Toronto strip club Were warned That They Might Have COVID-19

Public health authorities in Toronto, Canada, cautioned on Friday that approximately 550 individuals might have been subjected to coronavirus after seeing a strip club in August.

It comes after a worker of the Brass Rail Tavern, on 701 Yonge St, tested positive to COVID-19.

The individual hasn’t been further identified, but Toronto Public Health contacted and urged those in”close contact” with the individual in question to self-isolate for 14 days and have a COVID-19 test.

Authorities also advised those who attended the place throughout the under time frame” to track themselves for COVID-19 indications for your 14 days following their last trip”.

It seems to be the first time the Canadian town has issued such a warning as it enabled restaurants and nightclubs to co – with social distancing limitations – on July 31.

As of August 12, over 15,500 COVID-19 instances and over 1,100 related deaths are reported in Toronto.

Individuals must still put on a face-covering in indoor public areas, in addition, to endure two yards apart from each other – or put on a mask, even if that’s not feasible.

Canada’s COVID-19 instances have steadily diminished through the last month, but Ontario – Toronto’s state – stays the worst-hit from the nation following Quebec.

The nation’s border with the US will stay shut at least for a second month to non-essential traveling, Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said on Friday.