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A 400-year old Boat has been found at the Baltic Sea

Dutch’Fluit’ ships were dominant in the trade between late 16th into the mid-18th century but have been seldom found.

The boat had no firearms but had been capable of carrying a great deal of freight, also boasted advanced technical characteristics for the moment, letting it be piloted with a smaller team than was standard.

The Badewanne Diving Team, a group of volunteer sailors in Finland, stumbled upon the boat when hunting for WWI and WWII wrecks in the mouth of the Gulf of Finland.

“The mess delivers a special opportunity to look into the maturation of a boat type that spanned throughout the world and became the instrument that laid the basis for early contemporary globalization,” states Dr. Niklas Eriksson, a marine archaeologist at the University of Stockholm.

Wooden wrecks can just live in a couple of areas on earth. Low salinity in the Baltic Sea, together with complete darkness and incredibly low temperatures throughout the year, has shielded this fluid’ boat from being ruined by chemical, biological and biochemical decaying processes.

Additionally, it has protected the boat from wood-boring organisms like shipworm, who can’t reside in such problems.