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A fourth Brexit Expansion could follow a General Election – Cambridge law Specialist

A European law specialist from Cambridge University states a fourth Brexit expansion could adhere to a UK General Election.

Professor Kenneth Armstrong’s remarks to Euronews’ Good Morning Europe arrived as a third expansion to the procedure for the UK was supported by the European Union.

But Professor Armstrong explained that the election Johnson wants may not be the conclusion of the procedure:

“When there’s a General Election, we might wind up getting a hung parliament. There is no assurance that Boris Johnson would win a majority.

“And when a government is formed that wants to hold another referendum, then there will always need to be a different extension after this”

That is Johnson’s next effort to predict an early election. He dropped two similar votes in September because opponents said that they needed to make sure Britain couldn’t leave the EU with no bargain.

Britain has legislation setting a predetermined schedule to get an election every five decades, together with provisions for holding an early election.

Another potential means to trigger an early election might be to pass a one-line action of parliament; this could only say that parliament had decreed that an election will occur on a particular date and would have to be accepted by a vast majority in the Commons.

But opposition parties may also add alterations, like reducing the voting age.

An election may also be triggered in case competitions set down a motion of no confidence in the authorities and also win a simple majority for this. If this can’t be accomplished, an election can be called.

But since the Prime Minister is arguing for an election, that this course isn’t predicted to be the one selected.