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‘A picture I’ll never forget’: Euronews Albania Main on Earthquake chaos

Euronews Albania’s Editor-in-Chief, Franko Ergo, talked to Good Morning Europe, in which he described the moment he and his family ran in their residence since it shook in the strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake.

The quake, which hit 3:54 a.m. local time, has murdered 6. Lots of buildings also have collapsed from the tremor.

Ergo detailed how he feared for his brothers who have been sleeping in another area. After he escorted them out, the entire city was outside,’ and people were trying to stay clear of tall buildings.

The strong quake was comparatively shallow, measuring roughly 10 kilometers under the earth’s surface.

A nationally rescue operation is underway, with civilians linking soldiers in digging through the rubble of many cities such as Tirana, Thumana and Durres.