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‘Absolutely unacceptable’:” MEP States Hungary’s COVID-19 law Implies democracy has been suspended

Hungary’s new emergency law to take care of the coronavirus catastrophe is that the suspension of parliamentary democracy in the nation, it has been claimed.

Spanish MEP Juan Fernando López Aguilar hit after Hungarian MPs passed laws permitting Prime Minister Viktor Orbán to rule by decree for so long as a condition of crisis — announced on 11 March — is in effect.

The legislation puts prison terms of up to five years for people convicted of spreading false information concerning the pandemic.

“This past legislative movement is the final fall,” explained López. “It means the suspension of parliamentary democracy in Hungary.

He added that it has”an absolute ability to rule by decree from Orbán free of period, which is completely unacceptable”.

The European Commission is exploring the law enforcement and commissioners will debate it on Wednesday.

“Any emergency steps have to be limited to what’s required and strictly proportionate,” explained Eric Mamer, chief spokesman for the European Commission.

“They shouldn’t last forever. Moreover, governments should be certain such steps are subjects of standard scrutiny.”

Hungarian government spokesman Zoltán Kovács countered on Twitter saying extraordinary measures are respecting EU values, rule of law and media freedom.