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Africa will be Following epicentre of coronavirus, says WHO

The World Health Organization states the number of known coronavirus instances in Africa has increased by 51% over the last week.

It considers the epicenter of this virus will go from Europe to Africa next.

Ghebreyesus also addressed concerns about wet markets, the economies around Asia where live animals and wildlife are usually marketed for food.

Ghebreyesus said that the markets were”a significant resource of food and livelihoods for millions” however advocated that they were just reopened” about the condition that they conform to strict food hygiene and safety standards.”

Lagos is Africa’s biggest city and the police have been unable to handle the audiences amid Nigeria’s coronavirus lockdown.

Mile 12, the megacity’s biggest perishable food marketplace, was on Friday filled with shoppers and traders elbowing their way through narrow avenues blindsided by enormous baskets of berries, with small social distancing insight.

Femi Odusanya, adviser for the industry institution, said that the challenges were”huge,” and called for the authorities to”do more to be certain we keep people secure and at home”

Under a government initiative, the administration has established an offshoot makeshift marketplace in Ogudu, in an endeavor to cut back crowds by bringing the create closer to the communities that they serve.

However, as despair mounts, shipping trucks also have come under assault, food things stolen and trucks ruined.

For Lagos’ bad, the priority is getting food on the table.

“People have to consume. I strongly think that hunger is a great deal more harmful than the coronavirus, therefore, we have to do our very best to make sure that individuals get food to eat,” stated the industry institution’s chairperson Shehu Usman.