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AIFF roadmap: ISL to Substitute as I-League as Nation’s top league

By the roadmap, the ISL winners would likewise be qualified for a playoff spot in the AFC Champions League along with the I-League winners would choose a spot at the AFC Cup at”a bundle that takes under account the recommendations of FIFA/AFC record of 2017″.” Everyone must set the good of Indian soccer in the forefront and choose the best choices to come up with Indian club soccer.

“Every stage of the package — and it’s a bundle — continues to be thought-out very carefully and it’s aimed only at offering the ideal opportunity to come up with Indian club soccer. We’ve informed AIFF that 10-12 teams aren’t sufficient for the League — it has to be larger.” Everybody has given to the evolution of the Indian club sport – ISL, I-League nightclubs, the AIFF and the AFC — and I am confident that if that roadmap is considered farther, then Indian soccer will see the advantages for your sport.

“We now have a roadmap that offers the ideal chance for Indian club soccer. I want to thank the AFC — and it’s General Secretary — to get their participation in suggesting a remedy for this exceptional issue. India is an important state for soccer in Asia,” he explained.” We must be financially sustainable and take under account all contractual and commercial aspects of this program because trade is crucial to soccer not just in India but around the world of soccer” We have to be cognizant of the simple fact of football life, which footballing heritage and investment are equally vital for the evolution of Indian soccer,” Das added.

The proposal is now introduced to the AFC Executive Committee along with also the AIFF Executive Committee to get approval. As per the projected roadmap in 2019-20 year, the ISL will reach the status of the highest league contest in Indian football. Besides, because of a particular settlement to India, the AFC will permit the winning ISL club to represent India at the AFC Champions League play-offs, along with also the I-League winner will be able to play with the AFC Cup play-off. Another important recommendation from the AFC would be to start a pathway for 2 I-League clubs’ entrance to the ISL after this 2020-21 season, subject to the standards being fulfilled.

Additionally, beginning with all the 2022-23 years, the winner of I-League will endure an opportunity to be promoted to the ISL with no participation fee, foundation fulfilling sporting merit as well as also the national club licensing standards to be put out from the AIFF. There’ll be no relegation from the ISL at this moment.

In its recommendation for 2024-25, it’s agreed to completely implement advertising and relegation to the top team, and abolition of 2 parallel leagues.

The suggestion was first floated in June from the AIFF as it declared the ISL would take over in the I-League India’s AFC Champions League qualifier slot in 2019-20. This effectively means the ISL takes more than India’s top-tier soccer league.

I-League clubs had originally protested and requested the debut of marketing and relegation to permit them to participate at the ISL.