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Albania and Greece take Mysterious dispute to international court at The Hague

Albania and Greece say They’ve Consented to refer to a dispute over maritime Boundaries in the Ionian Sea to the International Court of Justice.

The joint conclusion was declared by the neighboring Balkan countries during a trip to Tirana by Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias.

“We’ve agreed to pass this particular case to global justice,” Dendias stated following a meeting with Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

Rama added that taking the case to The Hague could”(combine ) the dots according to the (court’s) experience and worldwide maritime legislation”.

Greece has just increased attempts to delimitate its ocean borders, amid high tensions with Turkey over offshore energy exploration rights from the Eastern Mediterranean.

Tirana and Athens inked a deal to specify their maritime boundary in 2009 when Albania was dominated by the Democratic Party.

However, Edi Rama’s Socialists, who were in opposition, had contested the arrangement in court, asserting that Albania dropped 225 square kilometers of territorial waters.

“That issue won’t be in our discretion nor of the Greek side, but global justice and so we will concentrate on our economic [and] regional alliance,” Rama said on Tuesday.

Relations between Greece and Albania are tense, over minority rights, and Albania’s repealing of their 2009 Ionian Sea agreement.

Both authorities in Tirana and Athens have said that the ethnic Greek minority in Albania and also the massive population in Greece of Albanians, who emigrated shortly after the collapse of communism, serve as bridges linking the two nations.