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Amazon executive Claims That He quit to protest Worker firings

An Amazon executive said that he quit his job in the online-retail giant to protest the shooting of workers who spoke up about the states within the organization’s warehouses and its record on climate change.

Tim Bray, a vice president in the business, wrote in a blog article he abandoned his job a week” at dismay” later Amazon fired several employees who openly criticized the provider. He said that the firings were”signs of a vein of degeneration running throughout the business culture.”

One of those fired was a New York warehouse employee who led a hit last month, forcing Amazon for greater protections for employees against the new coronavirus. At the moment, Amazon said the employee was fired for not minding social-distancing rules.

Bray, who said that he worked at Amazon’s cloud company for more than five decades, said he brought up the firings tirelessly in the business.

“That done, staying an Amazon VP could have supposed, in effect, signing off actions I loathed,” he wrote. “So that I resigned.”