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America’s Leading Republicans join Donald Trump in Reevaluate transition

He is keeping a very low profile, hidden but not unheard. Meanwhile, the US Attorney General William Barr says he will probe allegations of voter fraud.

Donald Trump can also be manning Twitter as normal, promising to be close to winning Wisconsin and Georgia and is preventing government officials from interfering with president-elect Joe Biden’s team.

Leading Republicans have mostly refused to place widespread stress on Trump to take his election loss.

“In the USA of America, all lawful ballots have to be counted any prohibited ballots, shouldn’t be counted. And President Trump is 100 percent in his right to start looking into allegations of irregularities and weigh his own legal choices.”

Talking on Monday he called once more for unity:

“This election is all finished. It’s time to put aside the partisanship as well as the rhetoric which made to demonize another. It is time to terminate the politicization of fundamental accountable public health measures like mask-wearing and social distancing.”

Even though Donald Trump isn’t expected to officially concede, he’s expected to vacate the White House by the conclusion of the sentence – albeit grudgingly.