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America’s mission in Syria Stays same, to Conquer ISIS, States US Defense Secy

America’s mission in Syria stays exactly like it had been when it first started operations in 2014, which would be to allow the enduring defeat of ISIS, United States Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has stated.

His remarks came after US President Donald Trump lifted all sanctions on Turkey after Ankara consented to a permanent ceasefire in Syria since the American soldiers left the”blood-stained sand”, permitting the Turkish and Russian forces to take over the land controlled by America along with the Allied military.

Acting for a police force out to fix every dispute isn’t our mission” “Our mission in Syria now is still the same as it had been when we began operations in 2014, to allow the enduring defeat of ISIS,” he explained.

The current repositioning of these forces inside the nation is meant to position the US to keep this assignment and provide the president choices while returning the equilibrium into the United States, the defense secretary said.

Also, he stated that the US has procured oil in the area.

Esper stated, “People who stay will continue to perform counter-terrorism surgeries while remaining in touch with all the Syrians Democratic forces that have fought together with us. In the peak of ISIS pioneer, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s predominate these oilfields supplied the terrorist organization together with the majority of its fiscal resources. US troops will stay placed in the tactical region to deny ISIS accessibility to those very important resources, he explained, including the US will react with overwhelming military power against these teams which threatens the protection of its forces there.

“All these oilfields also offer a vital source of financing into the Syrian Democratic ministry that lets them protect ISIS prison camps and run operations from ISIS among other matters,” Esper said.

Trump declared on Sunday which Baghdadi blew himself into his suicide vest because he had been chased into the dead-end of a tube by the US agency puppies through an American raid in northwest Syria.

The US Secretary of Defense, that was in Brussels recently for its NATO defense ministerial meetings, stated he reiterated the US’ commitment to beating the ISIS and called on other countries to have much at stake to provide their aid to help mitigate the continuing security crisis.

“Turkey has been bear responsibility for the outcome of their unwarranted incursion that has attracted further instability to the area,” Esper said, including a variety of allies have voiced their desire to aid with the execution of a secure zone across the Syria-Turkey border.

“The United States will stay focused on its core mission and continue to work closely together with all the defeat-ISIS coalition because we execute the next stage of this effort. Baghdadi’s departure won’t rid the area of terrorism nor finish continuing battle in Syria. But it is going to surely send a message to people who’d wonder America’s results and supply a warning to terrorists that believe that they can conceal,” he explained.

Even the US, more than every other state on earth, possesses the ability and will to search into the ends of the earth individuals who would like to bring harm upon the American people, Esper said, including Saturday’s performance that murdered Baghdadi was only 1 instance of their”incredible determination and fantastic ability” of the US army.