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Amy Schumer Formally Affects son Gene Attell’s name as’we realised we Unintentionally named our son genital’

This, because she and her husband Chris Fischer believed that the term sounded like”genital”.

Schumer and Fischer’s 11-month-old son was appointed Gene Attell Fischer in birth. On the other hand, the parents afterward began having second thoughts about the moniker, reports

On her podcast, Amy Schumer Gifts: 3 Ladies, 1 Keith, she talked up about the choice to alter Gene’s title. She explained: “So do you guys know that Gene, our child’s name, is formally changed? It is now Gene David Fischer. It was Gene Attell Fischer however we realized we by injury called our son,’genital’.”

Schumer and Fischer welcomed their son this past year in May. She’d shared that she needed to experience a week-long C-Section.