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Analysis: Why Is Hungary dumping democracy amid coronavirus catastrophe?

The coronavirus is altering the way we live our own lives. Much of Europe is at lockdown. They’re advised to work at home rather than to socialize. Even religious services are canceled.

After we rang into a new decade only a few weeks ago, nobody expected that we’d see the biggest limits to our liberty as World War II. But that is just the 2nd most astonishing thing.

Certainly what would happen surprised us if we’d been told about 1 January of that which was going to return, is that nearly everybody is in favor of it. However, to enforce these draconian steps, virtually every nation has needed to introduce emergency legislation affecting limitations on liberty that the majority of us see as inalienable.

Not anywhere, however. Back in Hungary, MPs voted on emergency legislation without a time limitation. Hungary’s Justice Minister advised Euronews that parliament will vote to repeal regulations. However, parliament is presently suspended. As matters stand, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán can rule by decree and journalists may face up to five years in prison if they’re deemed to be dispersing fake news. Can these laws be simple to repeal? Are they repurposed while the crisis is over?

And it is not only Hungary. Elsewhere on the planet, authoritarian leaders are introducing new laws, curbing liberty and final boundaries — to help fight the spread of this virus, but also since the present crisis has given them forces they could only dream about. History has taught us time and again, that many of these leaders just will not give up their newfound control without a struggle.

Well, how about feeble and inefficient? The Commission issued an announcement stating”It’s of extreme significance that emergency measures aren’t at the cost of our basic principles and values” It was delivered the day following the vote from Hungary, was aimed at Hungary, but did not mention Hungary. What’s the purpose in that?

This day, 13 member states (from 27) signed a joint announcement calling for emergency steps to be temporary. And, Hungary was not named. Orbán’s party Fidesz stays a prominent-yet-suspended associate of Europe’s biggest political group: the EPP.

When the EU is all about anything, certainly it is about upholding the democratic values it claims to espouse. It’s often fast to condemn other countries around the globe. However, in its garden, among its own is endangering those very values along with also the bloc can not even bring itself to call them out.

If Hungary isn’t explicitly convicted, justified even, it ends up a question: when the European Union won’t act today, when do it?