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‘Anonymous’ Donald Trump Politician coming out with Publication

A senior US officer who penned a paper column last year warning of the hazards of President Donald Trump is coming out with a publication.

The publication, “A WARNING,” from the writer of this column printed in The New York Times, will be printed on November 19, The Washington Post and CNN reported Tuesday.

From the September 2018 column titled”I’m Part of the Travels within the Trump Administration,” the anonymous official clarified Trump as”impetuous, adversarial, ineffective and petty.”

“His impulsiveness ends in half-baked, ill-informed and sometimes reckless decisions which need to be walked back,” the official stated.

Trump reacted furiously into the pillar, calling it”treasonous” and requesting the writer to be identified.

The Post and CNN explained the writer of this publication will stay anonymous.

CNN said it had obtained a draft media release from the writer, Twelve, a division of Hachette Book Group, that describes the publication as a”shocking, firsthand accounts of President Trump and his album.”

“That is serious stuff and this can be a critical warning in our President,” Sean Desmond, Twelve’s writer, told CNN.

Trump is presently confronting an impeachment question at the Democratic-majority House of Representatives for misuse of power.