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Anthony Scaramucci: Quiet Energy transfer’is in Donald Trump’s best interests’

The prior Trump aide, that controversially functioned 11 times as communications manager before being fired, was formerly a significant supporter and friend of the president.

“He can lose the election, but surely Joe Biden will triumph, but it is going to be since Mr. Trump has lost this election,” the former aide told Euronews.

“It will be from the president’s best interests to peacefully transition capability to the president, therefore all of this blustering and over-compensating crap and all those veiled threats will go by the wayside.

“It is in his own best interests to make peace with the president since he’s legal battles ahead have criminal investigations he’s confronted with, and he is likely to seem to cut a deal to maintain his family from jail.”

Scaramucci recounted how he’d spoken to a group in the most recent World Economic Forum at Davos last January who had been convinced that Mr. Trump would win: “I said to those who there is something wrong with Donald Trump, he’s not a fantastic director and he is attempting to split the United States.

“If you are not a fantastic supervisor, if you are confronted with a catastrophe you are not likely to have the ability to take care of or handle the catastrophe, and sadly that is exactly what happened [with the coronavirus pandemic].”

Also, he accused Donald Trump of sowing branch abroad: “The president is attempting to weaken the western alliance. He is denigrating democratic leaders of the west and also praising despots, so Vice President Biden will triumph tonight and put an end to this nonsense too.”