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Antoine Griezmann Trying to find his feet onto rocky Earth at Barca

Antoine Griezmann stated he understood it’d be severe settling at Barcelona, but it could have shown harder than he believed.

Griezmann has something to prove after two stable but unspectacular months, raised by minutes instead of the consistency Ernesto Valverde could have hoped for if the Frenchman’s 120-million euro launch clause was triggered last summer.

“Against Bilbao that he wasn’t as involved as we’d like,” Valverde said at the beginning of the season. “However, it’s also up to this group to permit our strikers to engage more.”

After Griezmann scored twice within the next match, against Real Betis, before pitching glitter over his mind at Camp Nou, it felt as though he’d left his big introduction and not merely due to the theatrics.

However five La Liga matches have brought only yet another goal and help as a handful of quite muted screens have left a feeling of a participant discovering his feet, despite excelling in La Liga for the previous nine seasons.

“It is different,” he explained. “it is a different sort of soccer, another position and that I knew it was going to be hard to correct.

“However, I feel like I am improving every game, and that is it. Three goals, it is not bad? I could do much better, but I came. I perform for the group and when I could score or help, even better.”

Griezmann has the motive to shield himself.

Also, he came among the world’s top strikers but discovered his new team chasing Neymar to the length of the summer, as if the Brazilian could add something that he couldn’t.

There were connections to fix also, together with Barcelona’s fans and fans, after Griezmann not turned down them 12 months earlier but humiliated them by declaring his choice in a documentary.

“I have spent very little time together with him to be truthful,” Lionel Messi advised Diario Sport a month. “Because I returned, I’ve been hurt and coaching by myself.

“They moved, and when they arrived back we watched each other a bit from the dressing room, but I have been there at the practice sessions. We will have the chance to share a lot of things.”

Once set up, Griezmann was played “different places”, three times down the centre as one striker and five times over the remaining three.

“He’s a player who will play in many places,” Valverde said. “We need to find out who performs it’s clear that the system must adapt the players.”

When he announced he’d be departing Atletico in May, Griezmann stated he wanted a new challenge, . He’d have been under no illusions regarding the inescapable dimming of standing together with the likes of Messi, Suarez and Dembele.

But consistency was hard to find at a group ridden with inconsistencies, and within that circumstance, Griezmann’s beginning was encouraging. Against Inter, he’ll expect for more.