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Antonio Costa to Remain in power Following Portugal Survey win

Antonio Costa, the Indian-origin prime minister of Portugal who supplied stability to the economically challenged nation throughout the previous four decades, is poised to stay in power after his party won 106 seats in the election on Sunday.

Four chairs in the 230-member meeting were nevertheless to be announced but Costa, that directs the Socialist party (PS), has started the process of forming a government with external support. The PS won 36.5 percent of its votes, raising its tally from 86 from 2015 to 106.

The major opposition party, the center-right Social Democratic Party, dropped chairs, from 89 from the 2015 election to 77, representing the continuing impact of the socialists in Portugal in a period when populist and right-wing parties are gaining ground elsewhere in Europe.

Costa, 58, said he’d started the job of forming the new government: “We take the job of judgment Portugal for another four decades with dedication and obligation…Political stability is vital for Portugal’s global credibility”.

He’s very likely to achieve a pact with the same two hard-left parties which supported his administration during the past four decades “The Portuguese enjoyed our agreement.

Lisbon-based observers state that Costa’s biggest accomplishment has been supplying political equilibrium, which helped economic development. His tenure has seen the return of a large variety of specialists who’d left the country because of a lack of job opportunities. A boom in tourism and broader healing in Europe also assisted.

He visited his ancestral house in Goa in ancient 2017.