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Antwerp: Probe launched into Passing of Algerian Guy after Authorities Detain

An investigation was launched in Belgium following an Algerian man who died in hospital hours after being detained by Antwerp authorities.

A 29-year-old guy was detained at midday on Sunday after acting aggressively at a café, based on Antwerp police spokesman Sven Lommaert.

According to the spokesman, he had been”attempting to strike people, was quite agitated” and if officers came on the scene they discovered he had a head injury and seemed to be”under the influence” of drugs.

Police subdued the guy on the floor, with handcuffs, also called the emergency services. When the medical staff came 12 minutes afterward, the guy was unresponsive, ” the spokesman said.

Ambulance workers resuscitated him and took him to hospital, where he died between 21:00 and 22:00.

The general public prosecutor’s office said it had started a judicial investigation into”the specific circumstances of the arrest and departure” of the defendant.

Footage posted on societal media claims to demonstrate the guy lying on the floor and being hauled by 2 police officers during an arrest. Euronews is working to attempt to confirm it.

Antwerp Police stated on Twitter they’d refrain from commenting further about the circumstance.