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Any Putin intervention in Belarus will Fulfill’Enormous pushback’, says analyst

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko is flying to Sochi on Monday to Get a meeting with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin.

It comes following the sixth successive weekend of unrest at Belarus – with thousands of protesters demanding Lukashenko’s resignation in Minsk, amid vote fraud allegations and countless detentions.

The Belarusian leader hinted in an interview last week which should present protests in Belarus”triumph” in destabilizing the governmental authority, Russia will”come next”, while Putin himself asserted he’d be prepared to deploy forces to Belarus to protect against the scenario from turning”out management”.

Based on Katsiaryna Shmatsina, a political Analyst at Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies,” Putin knows that the present unrest in Belarus may have a domino effect on Russia.

“Putin himself knows [… ] Belarus might put a good example of a success story against authoritarian direction”, Shmatsina into Euronews’ Good Morning Europe.

That however wouldn’t be adequate to ensure the effectiveness of Russian intervention,” she clarified.

“Russia hasn’t so much support within the Belarusian society, even concerning integration or some sort of annexation, or linking Russia.”

“During this time once the Belarusian society is with this large momentum of demonstration possible, if Putin interferes in a kind of aggressive manner, he’d satisfy a massive pushback”.

But Putin is ready, based on Shmatsina, to grab the chance of the assembly to capitalize on Belarus’ political unrest and maintain Belarus” in its orbit to get geopolitical attention”.