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Apple says it does Not share Safari browsing Info with Tencent or Google

Last updated on October 16, 2019

After media reports surfaced that Apple is currently sending iOS users’ information through its Safari browser into Google and the Chinese technology company Tencent, the Cupertino-based iPhone maker refuted such reports, stating it protects people’s data in its systems rather than shares it with third-party gamers.

A report from said that”Apple, that often places itself as a winner of privacy and individual rights, could be sending a few IP addresses from customers of its Safari browser iOS to Chinese conglomerate Tencent — a firm with close ties to the Chinese Communist Party”.

The report centered on Apple’s”deceptive site warning” system that’s built into Apple’s Safari web browser to frighten people when they see websites that are detrimental and can deceive users into sharing login passwords for banks, social and email websites.

“Before seeing a web site, Safari can send information calculated by the web site address into Google Safe Browsing and Tencent Safe Browsing to assess whether the site is deceitful.

It is uncertain when Apple started enabling Tencent and Google to log a few consumer IP addresses, but one Twitter user reported that the shift in Safari occurred as soon as the iOS 12.2 beta in February 2019, stated the report.

In a statement, the business stated it does not send info about Google or Tencent.

“Rather it receives a record of poor sites from both businesses and uses it to protect individuals as they browse the internet. Apple sometimes obscures the info regarding the site people see if it asks more information to assess if a questionable site is malicious,” CNET reported Monday, citing Apple’s announcement.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated he considers privacy is”ingrained in the Constitution,” but he’s concerned about how third party businesses have worked to gather information on people.