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Approximately 350 koalas feared dead in Australian forest fires

Last updated on October 30, 2019

Conservationists fear countless koalas have expired in wildfires which have razed prime habitat on Australia’s east shore.

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital President Sue Ashton stated she expected wildlife carers are permitted to start their hunt of the flame zone for lands on Thursday. The fire was started by a lightning attack on Friday at a woods in New South Wales country, 190 miles north of Sydney, and has since burnt 4,900 acres.

Two-thirds of the region was koala habitat, Ashton said.

“If we look at a 50% survival rate, that is about roughly 350 koalas and that is catastrophic,” Ashton said of this death toll.

“We are hoping it is not quite as bad as that, but on account of the level of the fire and how koalas act during fire, we are not holding out too much hope,” she added.

Koalasclimb high into trees throughout wildfires and live whether the fire front moves immediately below them.

Koalas favor coastal forests, that are being rid of suburban growth.

Australia’s wildfire season has created an especially early and catastrophic beginning from the southern hemisphere due to high-temperature temperatures and below-average rain that has abandoned much of the east shore in drought.