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APPy to Help: Polish town Employs Mobile Technology to Boost isolated

Smart Regions investigates the way the specially adapted mobile program is assisting the most vulnerable members of a Polish neighborhood get critical support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since April, everybody in Poland was arranged to wear a mask when outside in a public location. However, what does a person do if they can’t leave home easily to receive one?

A new smartphone program – accommodated for the present coronavirus catastrophe – attempts to supply the solution. With only a couple of straightforward clicks, users may purchase a mask or other crucial items to be delivered to their door.

The Fantastic Support Programme

The program is part of a job called The fantastic Service Programme (TGSP). At Poland’s West Pomerania Province, approximately 300 older individuals, with assistance from precisely the same amount of carers and approximately 100 volunteers, are still using the program.

Aimed at reacting to the requirements of their very exposed, the program depends on the help of carers, families, and acquaintances.

At the town of Wałcz, everything has been coordinated by the Town Hall throughout the catastrophe. Ahead of COVID-19, the job usually dealt with easy administrative requirements – for example appointments to see doctors or physiotherapists, but using its real-time geolocation, the technology was adapted for pressing requests throughout the pandemic.

“Thanks to this program, I’ve got a summary of all of the volunteers that I work with and also a database of all of the men and women in need of house assistance. The stage is simple to prepare, I only need to type the titles of those people we are looking after, determine who is taking care of these, and delegate tasks,” states TGSP Coordinator, Monika Turowski.

At this time, masks are among the largest requests from people using the program. Manufactured locally in Wałcz, volunteers such as Maciej help package and distribute them together with other crucial essentials.

The mobile application was made free of charge through the pandemic. While Irena is using it now in Poland, the program is also being developed in English and Spanish, and should shortly – based on The fantastic Service Programme – be accessible in different nations.