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Archeologists at Peru find remains of 227 sacrificed Kids

Archeologists at Peru say the 227 bodies they’ve discovered from a website used by the pre-Columbian Chimu civilization is that the biggest-ever discovery of missing kids.

Archeologists have been digging because of last year in the enormous sacrificial website in Huanchaco, a beachside tourist city north of the capital Lima.

“This is the largest website where the remains of missing kids are discovered,” chief archeologist Feren Castillo told AFP on Tuesday.

“They had been sacrificed to support the El Nino phenomenon,” and show indications of being murdered during wet weather,” he explained

He added that there could be to be discovered.

“It is uncontrollable, this matter with all the kids.

The children’s remains were located in a situation facing the ocean. Some still had hair and skin.

Archeologists first discovered children’s bodies in the dig site from the city’s Pampa la Cruz area on June 2018, unearthing 56 skeletons.

ampa la Cruz is a brief distance from Huanchaquito, in which the remains of 140 sacrificed kids and 200 llamas were located in April 2018.
The Chimu culture extended across the rocky shore to Ecuador but vanished in 1475 later it had been conquered by the Inca empire.