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Arsene Wenger Needs to Substitute Ole Gunnar Solskjaer as Manchester United Director

Last updated on September 26, 2019

The idea, at one point, looked impossible with former Arsenal manager sharing an intense competition with Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United. Now, however, both Wenger and Ferguson have abandoned their managerial tasks, and United are visiting some of the roughest days under the direction of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. Following United scraped ago through League One facet Rochdale from the English Football League Cup fixture on Wednesday, winning the competition 5-4 on penalty shootouts, Wenger was contested on what’s gone wrong with the team.

In his response, the Frenchman explained that he’s some tips about the best way best to repair the club and included that managerial stint in Old Trafford is a dream job.

At least any boss with confidence and courage. Yes, they want – in my view – four first-team players. But about those gamers, I visit a squad that’s capable of hard. They are not as far off as people think.”

“The staff don’t have any pattern of drama, no blueprint of pressing. There’s a team, but it ought to be trained and developed. As I mentioned, four gamers and they can be more challengers.

On being questioned whether he’d seriously think about replacing Solskjaer,” Wenger said:”As I mentioned, Manchester United is a fantasy occupation. For any trainer… .and you are correct, I have thoughts.”

Wenger headed Arsenal as director for 22 decades, where he won 10 big prizes, and above 800 Premier League matches. He retired from his character following the 2017-18 year and has been substituted by Unai Emery.