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At least 14 killed in Mexican shootout near U.S. Boundary

Ten suspected cartel gunmen and four police were killed during a shootout on Saturday at a Mexican city close to the U.S. boundary, days following U.S. President Donald Trump increased bilateral tensions by stating he’d designate the gangs as terrorists.

The authorities of the northern state of Coahuila said state authorities clashed at midday with a set of heavy gunmen riding in pickup trucks at the little town of Villa Union, about 40 miles south of the border town of Piedras Negras.

The fighting went on for over one hour during that ten gunmen were killed, three of them by security forces in pursuit of their group members, Riquelme explained.

At about noon, heavy gunfire started ringing out at Villa Union, along with a convoy of armed pickup trucks that can be seen moving across town, based on movie clips published by societal networking consumers. Others revealed plumes of smoke rising from the town.

Reuters couldn’t vouch for the credibility of the pictures.

An unspecified amount of individuals were missing, including a few who had been in the mayor’s office, ” the governor stated.

Riquelme said police had recognized 14 vehicles included in the assault and captured over a dozen firearms.

The epidemic of violence occurred during a testing week for President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who on Friday said that he wouldn’t accept any international intervention in Mexico to take care of violent criminal gangs following Trump’s remarks.

Lopez Obrador said Mexico could manage the issue, an opinion echoed by Riquelme because he talked to reporters.

“I don’t feel that Mexico wants intervention. “We are convinced that the nation can conquer the offenders.”

In an interview aired on Tuesday,” Trump said he intended to designate the cartels as terrorist organizations, igniting concerns that the movement could function as a prelude to the United States attempting to intervene unilaterally in Mexico.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr is supposed to pay a visit to Mexico next week to go over cooperation over safety.

Lopez Obrador took office per year ago pledging to pacify the nation after over a decade of gang-fueled violence.

A set of recent security lapses has raised concerns regarding the left-leaning government’s strategy.

Criticism has centered on the Nov. 4 massacre of nine girls and kids of U.S.-Mexican source from Mormon communities in northern Mexico, and the armed forces’ launch of a seized son of drug lord Joaquin”El Chapo” Guzman under stress from cartel gunmen from the city of Culiacan.

Coahuila has a history of gang violence, even though the homicide total in the nation that borders Texas is below where it had been seven decades back. National homicide amounts are pushing record amounts.