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‘At least 90,000 Health Employees Contaminated by COVID-19’, States nursing Staff

At least 90,000 health employees are infected by COVID-19 and over 260 nurses have lost their lives to the outbreak, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) said on Wednesday, warning that amounts might be a lot greater.

The figures published by the ICN are based on information from only 30 nations. It demonstrates that, normally, 6 percent of confirmed cases of COVID-19 are among health care workers.

“If that ratio were replicated globally, the 3.5 million verified cases of COVID-19 across the entire world could return a figure for the number of infected health employees of 210,000,” that the ICN stated at an announcement.

Additionally, it emphasized that authorities can’t state precisely how many health care workers are changed and that”this lack of precise data has caused a severe underestimation of the disease rate among physicians, and the number of deaths”

The organization is calling on authorities to collect the information and hand it on to the World Health Organization (WHO).

“If governments don’t act on this, I fear we might return on this particular outbreak and count the deceased one of our nursing colleagues at the tens of thousands” ICN’s CEO, Howard Catton, stated.

Also, he cautioned that the ICN”will ensure that if the post-COVID-19 questions occur, as they inevitably will, political leaders will be asked why that information wasn’t collected.”

Back in Italy, at 154 physicians and physicians have succumbed to this illness, based on that a tally updated daily from the nation’s National Federation of Orders of Surgeons and Dentists.

Britain’s Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, stated in late April the 82 NHS employees and 16 healthcare employees had fallen victims to this virus.

In the united states, at 170 healthcare employees, such as 60 registered physicians, had expired from April 28, according to the National Nurses United marriage.