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Atlas of Hate: Activists nominated for award for Monitoring’LGBT-free zones’ in Poland

Activists in Poland have now been nominated for a prestigious human rights award for monitoring the development of LGBT-free zones’ from the nation.

Dozens of cities and municipalities in conservative areas of the country have been registering declarations within the previous two decades, possibly announcing themselves to be liberated of LGBT ideology, or expressing support for traditional families, especially union between a man and a woman.

The progressively anti-LGBT rhetoric in Poland has resulted in clashes with the EU, which in July withheld funding into a number of the locations which had signed the declarations.

In reaction to the increasing number of local authorities that have signed those declarations, activists established the Atlas of Hate: an interactive map showing the places which have signed the declarations, in addition to the ones which are contemplating it, or even ones who have resisted it.

Talking to Euronews later his and his fellow co-founders of this job were nominated for the European Parliament’s Sakharov Prize, Kamil Maczuga explained things are moving”in the incorrect direction” in Poland about LGBT rights.

“People are now more against LGBT individuals due to what’s stated on public television, or even the regional government,” he states.

“We began to think something has to be done to prevent this”: so the idea for this particular map has been born.

The activists discovered it was often too late to lobby against the signing of this statement in regions since the progress was not being monitored. They gathered information and called on local volunteers in regions at risk to campaign against the declarations.

Since the map began to gain popularity, it’s slowed down the number of areas registering, Maczuga states.

He adds that the nomination for the EU award is a”great honor” that will assist the cause.

“We all know we’re fighting for a great deal of fundamental human rights in Poland”, ” he states.