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Australian airline Finishes record-breaking 19-hour flight from New York to Sydney

Last updated on October 20, 2019

The study flight conducted a total of 49 passengers and crew and conducted experiments to estimate the health of these on board.

The airline said they’d tracked”pilot mind waves, melatonin levels and endurance”. The flight also analyzed cabin lighting and adjusting in-flight meal time to decrease jetlag. They also contained exercise courses.

“This is an extremely important first for air. Hopefully, it is a record of a normal service which will accelerate how folks traveling from 1 side of the world to another,” explained Alan Joyce, Qantas Group’s CEO who had been among those folks on board the trip.

“We all know ultra long haul flights pose a few additional challenges but that has been true every single time technologies has enabled us to fly farther. The research we are doing should provide us greater strategies for enhancing wellbeing and comfort on the way”

Qantas captain Sean Golding directed the four pilots running the service.

“The flight went very easily. Headwinds picked up immediately, which slowed us down, to begin with, but that has been a part of the scenario planning. Given how long we had been airborne, we could keep shifting the flight route to generate the best of these requirements,” Golding said.

Joyce clarified in a statement that nighttime flights generally start with dinner, but because of its study flight, they began with lunch and kept the lights for the first half an hour, which matched the exact period of day in the destination.

Qantas will determine in December about whether the ultra-long-haul flights will input service.

Qantas claims that those flights’ emissions will soon be completely offset.

“We had a great deal of attention from air traffic controls as we sailed via distinct airspace due to the uniqueness of the flight.