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Australia’s east Shore battles over 100 bushfires, 21 Houses Ruined

Australian firefighters battled strong winds and fast-moving blazes on Saturday because they worked to comprise out-of-control bushfires which have ruined at least 21 houses across two countries on the nation’s east shore.

Over a hundred fires were burning in the states of Queensland and New South Wales on Saturday, together with the country’s weather agency calling small reprieve for firefighters as a result of dry conditions brought on by drought and little rainfall over the winter.

At the north-eastern country of Queensland, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said 51 fires were busy in Saturday, and 17 houses were destroyed, together with the threat posed by flames staying high for many days despite temperatures cooling.

“We aren’t from the. However, the states are amazingly dry,” Palaszczuk told journalists on Saturday.

In New South Wales, Australia’s most populous country, over 65 bush and grass fires were burning on Saturday, together with the nation’s Rural Fire Service (RFS) putting a crisis warning on three flames.

“Over 500 firefighters are still guarded houses [and] function to control fires in challenging conditions,” that the RFS said in a statement.

The first week of the Australian spring has not been a period of high fire threat, but the nation’s east coast has endured through two decades of below-average rain, causing drought conditions in broad areas of the country.

“Working together with the Bureau of Meteorology, searching through our information documents, we can not find documents in which fire danger ratings are so high this early in the year at the history of information readily available,” the Australian Broadcasting Corporation quoted Fitzsimmons as stating.