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Automobiles in Corsica at COVID-19 emergency Support detection trials

Firefighters in Ajaccio do so using sweat samples from COVID-19 patients who have agreed to participate in this trial.

Corporal Mar Anto Costa, a firefighter located in Ajaccio, stated: “Dogs have been known for their capability to recognize different diseases such as cancers, such as prostate and breast cancers and diabetes, though it hasn’t been formally proven.

The samples are put in certain places to find out if the puppies may then discover them.

Brice Leva, yet another Corsican firefighter, stated:

“It is merely a plastic tube where the odor is put, leaving the smell-emitting molecules. And after that, with all these plastic tubes trains the puppies “

If this test is effective and the results have been verified, it might allow massive and rapid screening of the populace.