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Awesome art layered with spins mesmerizes people. You will feel the Exact Same way

There are instances when these videos come the way that renders us stupefied. One such video reveals 3D artwork by celebrity Akbar Momin and contains mesmerized many. There’s a possibility it will have precisely the same impact on you also.

The clip, which has been shared on YouTube by Momin and afterward on various social networking platforms by other people, calls for the artist embracing his invention. But to know what is so unique about this art, you are going to have to watch it to yourself:

The movie, shortly after being shared with different men and women, made quite a stir. While a few were amazed by the artist’s invention, many others labeled actor Amitabh Bachchan and asked him to have a peek at the artwork.

“Beautiful, mind-boggling, beautiful, very wonderful. Keep up it lovely great,” composed a YouTube user. “Amazing, I had been shocked to observe that the ending,” remarked another.