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Azerbaijan Intends to extend deadline for Armenian forces to Depart ceded territory

Azerbaijan has agreed to extend a deadline for Armenian forces to pull from this Kalbacar district of Nagorno-Karabakh before November 25.

The schedule for withdrawal in the Aghdam and Lachin districts is unchanged.

All three districts are maintained by Armenian separatists because of a war that ended in 1994.

A town in limbo
Some pockets of land in Nagorno-Karabakh have been handed over to Azerbaijan, causing some Armenians to encounter what Azeris endured 30 decades back.

Armenians in different areas are having to live with doubt, such as in Stepanakert.

Euronews correspondent Anelise Borges went to the city, called Khankendi into Azeris.

It has not been handed over to Azerbaijan, but a lot of its 55,000 taxpayers returned since the battling in Nagorno-Karabakh got nearer.

But some have opted to stay.

“Where else could I be?” Said one girl, “I am in my property. Nobody can tell me anything”

Last week that the Armenian authorities stated it had no other choice but to signal the Moscow-brokered ceasefire bargain, citing concerns over its capacity to hold any land if the fighting continued.

The new accord contains the installation of 2,000 Russian peacekeepers from the area.

On Saturday night residents from the Armenian capital, Yerevan lit candles on Freedom Square in memory of the soldiers murdered in Nagorno-Karabakh.

The nation says it dropped 2,317 soldiers at the clashes with Azerbaijan, but despite this, some allies say they shouldn’t have given up.

“We just wanted some help or support. Individuals from this little town were battling against Azerbaijan, Turkey… terrorists from various nations.”

The guns have gone quiet, but some folks in the area requesting for how long?