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Bavarian brewery Gets Economical Prey of coronavirus

Despite government help to companies, the coronavirus epidemic is wreaking economic havoc across Europe.

At the Bavaria region of Germany, 400 decades of heritage will conclude as soon as the Werneck Brewery closes its doors in September.

“My loved ones and I’ll miss it,” clarified the Werneck Brewery director Christine Lang. “The brewery has ever been present, it had been a part of each dinner table conversation our lives. We’ll be missing a part of our individuality, and in a sense, the entire area will too”.

Over the last couple of decades, it has also needed to fight a ferocious price war. The great times appeared to be returning.

“Many breweries market 80 to 90% of the beer throughout restaurants, that have been shut for months and we don’t have any time view”, said Holger Eichele, Secretary-General of The German Brewers Association. “We do not understand when the restaurants may reopen, once the beer gardens can reopen. I’m fearful that, in the worst instance, it might be July or even August. And we will not endure until then.”

The 15.000 euro emergency assistance in the national state is simply a drop in the sea for several breweries.

The beer festivals in the summer and fall are very crucial for their turnover.

Without them, they expire, as do a substantial number of tasks and an important facet of German beer culture.