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Before Joker, Joaquin Phoenix was supposed to play Batman, but studio rejected him

Aronofsky was designed to create a Batman film from the early 2000s, before the project fell aside and Christopher Nolan rebooted the franchise together with Christian Bale.

Component of this reason the film never took off, Aronofsky has said in a fresh interview, is since he wanted Phoenix for the purpose and the studio didn’t. He advised Empire, “The studio wanted Freddie Prinze Jr and I wanted Joaquin Phoenix. I remember thinking,’Uh oh, we’re producing two different movies ‘ That is a genuine narrative. The Batman I wrote was a way different type of shoot than they finished up”

Miller was writing the script. “This is a superb thing because I was a significant fan of his film book function, therefore merely getting to meet him was exciting back then,” Aronofsky recalled.

The film would have released just a few years after George Clooney’s Batman & Robin tanked the arrangement. “That’s where my head went”