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Beirut blast: Distraught families await news of relatives

Three days following the devastating explosion in central Beirut, households are still looking for their lost nearest and dearest. Fearing the worst, most people are waiting for long periods in the entry of the interface to learn what has happened to their loved ones.

Russian and french rescue teams are one of those searching the rubble for survivors.

“Our experience indicates that we can find people alive up to 72, 75 or 80 hours following an explosion or an earthquake, therefore, for the time being, we’re still at the time and we cling to this expectation,” Col Vincent Tissier, thoughts of the French group informed Associated Press.

Amal Mehrebi, a part of the board of Ajialouna (help organization) advised Euronews that folks are frustrated and angry.

“They’re looking for their nearest and dearest beneath the rubble, mourning their loss.” She added that many people were fed up with their leaders.

Beirut inhabitants are blaming the government’s neglect and corruption because of the explosion.

Huge protests are planned for Saturday through which tens of thousands are likely to take to the streets to demand responses and don’t forget the victims. Beirut blast: Distraught families await news of missing relatives