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Beirut blast Might have been Because of’negligence, a missile or a bomb,”’ States Lebanon’s president

“The cause hasn’t been discovered yet,” Michel Aoun said in an interview three days following the tragedy.

“It’s possible that it (the burst ) was due to negligence or by outside activity, using a missile or a bomb,” he added.

The whole number of sufferers from the explosion climbed to 154 on Friday, with the other 5,000 people hurt. Dozens remain lost.

Approximately 300,000 people, over 12 percent of Beirut’s inhabitants, were not able to come back to their houses due to the explosion.

The head of state’s remarks came as protesters clashed with police on Thursday night for an anti-government rally at the capital in the aftermath of Tuesday’s blast.

Demonstrators pelted officers with rocks, expressing their anger against the governmental elite.

Many in town sense government corruption and negligence would be to blame for the deadly explosion.

The research into the burst is focusing on the failed cargo of ammonium nitrate which has been abandoned in storage for many years in the town’s port.

Many want to understand why such substance was retained for such a long time, in such a dangerous way, so near heavily populated places.

A lawyers’ report by 2015 called this”dangerous” character of the freight and stated it had been retained from the vent” anticipating auction or suitable disposal”. Nevertheless, it stayed there till Tuesday’s devastating consequences prevailed.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Hassan Diab has established an investigation, saying he’ll find maximum punishment for those responsible. But most are directing their anger much beyond vent officials.

“That is uncertainty contrary to the ruling elite. A nuclear bomb was there for decades, rather than one leader or ruler did anything about it,” one man Beirut resident advised Euronews.

However, he said the authorities must crackdown on corruption and implement economic reforms.

Macron was walking through Beirut’s ruined streets as audiences jostled around him campaigning to get the authorities to”collapse” and requesting international help.

He assured sailors a”new political pact”, and could give the Colombian authorities until September 1 to inflict it.

During a media conference on Thursday evening explained French help to Lebanon would be channeled “right towards NGOs” and guaranteed to organize a help conference together with the EU in the forthcoming days.

But he cautioned there could be”no blank cheque into a system which does not possess the confidence of the public.”