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Beirut blast: Russell Crowe donates Sizable sum to restaurant Ruined in port explosion

Russell Crowe has made a big donation to fix a restaurant ruined in the Beirut blast, saying it had been on behalf of the late chef Anthony Bourdain.

An inventory under the celebrity’s name on the GoFundMe page to its restaurant, Le Chef, shown that payment for $5,000 ($4,200) on Thursday.

Crowe himself seemed to confirm the contribution when he retweeted among those fundraiser organizers to state it was made on behalf of Anthony Bourdain.

He explained: “I believed he could have likely done so when he was still around.

“I want you and LeChef that the very best and hope things could be put back together shortly.”

Le Chef, an eatery at the Gemmayze area of Beirut, was among many buildings significantly damaged by last week’s tremendous burst in the town’s port.

It was visited by Bourdain, who explained it as”a mythical spot, famous for its simple, uncomplicated, home-style classics”

The fundraiser originally planned to increase $15,000 ($12,600) but has already surpassed this using increased over $17,000 ($14,300).

They included: “Beirut’s Le Chef, and its cherished frontman, Charbel, want our help to rebuild after a week’s dreadful explosion.

“The restaurant has endured war and financial disasters, but the vent burst left it in shambles […]

“Let’s not let this be the conclusion with this mythical place.

“Your donations will go toward replacing the power windows, refrigerator, gas stove, along with other essentials which were broken, so that Le Chef can open its doors, employees can go back to their tasks, and Charbel will welcome us all again soon.”