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Beirut Blast: This angry young views from Lebanon | Culture Clash

Marc Ghazali, 23, used to lead tours throughout the streets of Lebanon. He helps clean the very same roads of rubble.

“Every time we believe it can not get any worse, we are struck by something fresh,” Marc told Culture Clash.

Over 170 people were killed and 6,000 injured in the massive compound explosion that destroyed the town’s vent on August 4th. Government neglect was blamed.

. .is considered by many as a massacre. A massacre from the government against its people,” Marc explained.

Lama Ramadam is just another young resident of Beirut outraged at her country’s political group.

“We do not have appropriate instruction. We do not have the appropriate infrastructure. It is very oblivious to some of the politicians, they believe we’ve got a normal life once we are oblivious of it,” she explained.

The mass demonstrations against corruption and intended tax hikes have been dubbed”The October Revolution”

The Beirut burst reignited mad protests, forcing the nation’s prime minister and his cabinet to resign.

Lebanon’s younger generation is currently fighting to get new potential.

“We are fighting for everything. We are fighting for our rights,” Lama said.

“People do not have anything to lose. They are not afraid anymore therefore that they will do anything is needed,” she explained.

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