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Belarus: 100,000 take-ups on the roads to protest against Lukashenko

Police used water cannons to disperse the crowds, however, the protesters remained undeterred.

1 video in the rally demonstrated that a group of protesters coming to a water cannon vehicle, opening a hatch on its side, and eliminating bits from within the car. Media reports state the water cannon malfunctioned then and drove off.

The Viasna human rights facility said that roughly 120,000 participate in a rally on Sunday.


Mass protests have rocked Belarus for nearly two weeks, with the biggest rallies occurring on Sundays and bringing around 200,000 people. The unprecedented wave of unrest was triggered by the outcome of the Aug. 9 presidential elections which passed Lukashenko, who’d conducted Belarus with an iron fist for 26 decades, a devastating victory with 80 percent of their vote.

His main challenger, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, obtained just 10%. She and her fans refused to comprehend the results as legitimate, saying the results of the vote has been manipulated.

On the very first days following the election, Belarusian authorities cracked down brutally on the protesters, together with authorities detaining thousands and injuring dozens with truncheons, rubber bullets, and stun grenades.

The government has climbed back on the violence, but also kept the pressure on, detaining hundreds of protesters and prosecuting top activists. Many prominent members of the Coordination Council, made with the resistance to push for a glimpse of energy, have been arrested for forced to depart the country.

Over 10,000 individuals have been detained because the election and at least 244 people are implicated in criminal cases on several charges associated with the protests, Viasna human rights center leader Ales Bialiatski told The Associated Press. More than 70 individuals have been declared political prisoners.

On Sunday, dozens of people were arrested in Minsk and other cities. Viasna published a list of arrested protesters on its site that by Sunday evening had over 160 titles on it.

“A campaign of intimidation and persecution, unprecedented for Europe, was established in Belarus against peaceful citizens that need something — free elections,” Bialiatski explained.

According to the Belarusian Association of Journalists, 11 Belarusian colleagues were arrested Sunday in many towns. Last week, Belarus’ Foreign Ministry rescinded the certification of journalists working for foreign news outlets and stated they need to make an application for new credentials.

Tsikhanouskaya, that entered the presidential race to conduct rather than her husband Siarhei, a popular resistance blogger jailed in May, issued a statement Sunday encouraging the protest and needs for political prisoners.

She was made to depart Belarus in fear for her safety and that of her kids and is now in exile in Lithuania.

“All these are the men and women who, like Siarhei Tsikhanouski, have not seen their loved one’s members and children for many months. These are the men and women who suffered due to their convictions and are still enduring. We intend to spare them. I encourage everybody who takes to the roads in their town now,” Tsikhanouskaya explained.

“Let the entire world view: Belarusians want to live in liberty, not in jail,” she added.

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