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Belarus: Alexander Lukashenko inaugurated as president’in secret’ Subsequent Contested election

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus has supposed that his sixth term of office within an inauguration ceremony was not announced beforehand.

State news bureau Belta noted that Wednesday’s service is happening at the capital of Minsk, together with many hundred leading government officials present.

It comes after six months of mass protests from the official outcome of the August 9 presidential election which led in Lukashenko’s reelection after 26 years in office at the office. The resistance in Belarus has contested the election.

According to the official outcome, Lukashenko, who has conducted the ex-Soviet state of 9.5 million with an iron fist, won 80 percent of their vote. America and the European Union also have resisted the brutal police crackdown on post-election protests in Belarus.

An article on the state media’s Telegram report signaled the inauguration ceremony took place at 10.30 am CEST in the Palace of Freedom at the center of Minsk.

“Placing his right hand on the Constitution, Alexsander Lukashenko took the oath at Belarusian,” it said.

A couple hundred loyalists were invited to the service, including senior officers, heads of state agencies, members of the House of Representatives, and the Council of the Republic, based on reports.

Included in their inauguration ceremony, Lukashenko took an oath swearing to”serve the people of the Republic of Belarus, honor and safeguard rights and liberty of individuals and taxpayers.”

In a message to Belarusians on Telegram, Tsikhanouskaya stated”we all know what is happening. This endeavor to recognize himself as valid only demonstrates his former forces have stopped, and the people did not give him a fresh mandate.

“This usually means that his orders to the safety structures are no more legitimate and do not need to be enforced,” she added.

Lukashenko’s motorcade arrived at the official home of the president in 10 am CEST, at which”Lukashenka [has] formally assumed the presidency,” state media reported.

In a post on Twitter, Minsk-based journalist Frank Viańćorka reported that half the town center was shut off to prevent protests.

Protests demanding Lukashenko to of Rule have rocked the nation daily because of the month’s election, together with the biggest rallies in Minsk bringing around 200,000 people.

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Lukashenko’s most powerful election competition, Tsikhanouskaya, obtained 10 percent of the vote in line with the official outcome. She did not accept the results of the election as legitimate. Neither did many European authorities and tens of thousands of Tsikhanouskaya’s supporters.

Throughout the first 3 days of the protests, demonstrators confronted a brutal crackdown, with police using truncheons and rubber bullets to disperse crowds. Many protesters expired.

Amid global outrage, Belarusian police switched into prosecuting top activists and mass detentions, preventing large scale violence.

Hundreds are detained at a week protests in Minsk and other cities around Belarus.

Many members of the Coordination Council that has been shaped by the resistance to push for a glimpse of energy have been detained or forced to depart the country.