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Belarus: Lukashenko Strikes back against Competitors with criminal Situation

President Alexander Lukashenko has branded his competitors”Western puppets” since the nation’s prosecutor general declared criminal charges against opposition leaders.

A day later Lukashenko warned that the strike participants which they’d face dismissal to block the spreading of unrest, it had been declared that opposition leaders had been investigated on charges of endangering national safety.

The Belarusian Prosecutor General’s office started Thursday a criminal inquiry from the members of the Civil War on the grounds of a breach of this constitution.

On Wednesday, they’d called to get a new presidential vote and demanded an investigation to the crackdown on protests.

“The creation and also the actions of the Coordination Council are aimed at seizing power and inflicting harm to the national security,” said Prosecutor General Alexander Konyuk.

Protesters again took to the streets of Minsk and other Belarusian cities on Thursday following the EU refused the official results of Lukashenko’s landslide win with 80 percent of their vote.

Demonstrators have been compelling to get their authoritarian leader to resign following his reelection, which opposition leaders claim has been rigged.

Sunday’s audience climbed to an unparalleled 200,000.

At least three protesters have expired and authorities arrested nearly 7,000 people and wounded tens of thousands during the four days of demonstration.

President Alexander Lukashenko has ignored the protesters as Western puppets.

He advised that the European Union to mind its own company while the EU leaders, for his part, said they had been planning sanctions.