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Belarus presidential Elections: Crucial challenger Valery Tsepkalo Hailed as Lukashenko Competitions trimmed

A significant challenger to Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko was barred from taking part in next month’s presidential elections.

However, Tsepkalo was one of nine candidates eliminated from the race from Belarus’ Central Election Commission (CVK).

“I can barely call it a shocker,” Alexandr Feduta, a Belarusian political writer and journalist in Minsk-based paper The Peoples’ Voice informed Euronews. “It may be anticipated. It’s merely an issue of time plus means when each of the principal candidates and challengers of this president [Lukashenko] will probably be pushed from the race”

Candidates wanted 100,000 encouraging signatures to share in the election, which is scheduled for August 9.

Tsepkalo, Belarus’ ex-ambassador into the United States, filed 160,000 however, CVK said just 75,249 were consistent with requirements.

It means that there are now only six — down from 15 — runners abandoned.

We can expect a ton of additional surprises’

However, Babariko is behind bars. He was arrested on June 18 through the reported arrest of several hundred opposition supporters.

Charges of embezzlement and fraud have been brought against Babariko, who’s now being held at a KGB detention center in the capital Minsk.

“I’m pretty certain than we can expect a ton of additional openings, if the Central Election Commission begins assessing the other files, such as the tax or income reports, filed by the race participants,” explained Veduta.

“The sign that Babariko isn’t welcome at the race has been delivered [by detaining him sooner the month].

“Honestly I’m convinced that Babariko won’t pass the examination of his financial documents. It’s no problem to discover financial flaws in Belarus with someone who has been employed in the banking industry for several years and who’s well-to-do.”

“We see that Tsepkalo was cut now and the same destiny awaits Babariko a bit afterward,” he explained. “My guess is if the Central Election Commission will begin to scrutinize his private financial documentation”

Asked if Belarusians will hit the roads if, after Tsepkalo, Babariko is disqualified from the race,” Feduta stated he didn’t believe so.

“Regrettably, I feel that majority of our citizens don’t yet completely comprehend the police control them,” he explained.

Klaskouski agrees: “I doubt if Babariko fans will begin hitting the streets, advocating justice, a democratic election, and so forth. They’re inexperienced, their community isn’t really powerful, so the police won’t have a lot of headaches bogged down on them. One by one, as though they do with all the strongest candidates of this race.”