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Belarusian opposition figure Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya unfazed by the Russian arrest warrant

Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the Belarusian opposition figurehead who’s now in exile, has advised Euronews she’s not fearful about being put on Russia’s wanted list.

Russia set out an arrest warrant for its 38-year-old who contested Alexander Lukashenko at the contested presidential elections in Belarus in August.

She’s been accused by Russia of reassuring injury to people safety in Belarus, and dangers of being detained and deported back to her home state if she enters Russia.

Asked if she had been fearful about being put on Russia’s wanted list, she just responded: “No.”

For Tsikhanouskaya, the focus must stay on Belarus.

“We must listen to Belarus, not Russia. We must fix this political crisis in Belarus. It is a shame some nations, some leaders do not encourage the rights of Belarusians to fix the future of this nation themselves,” she informed Euronews.

“We’re trying for success and just after the success I will go home,” she added.

Lukashenko’s re-election triggered an unprecedented wave of protests, together with daily demonstrations happening on the roads for the previous two weeks, even though violent crackdowns by Belarusian authorities and safety services.

Virtually all opposition figures have been arrested or fled into exile after an outcry at exactly what many western observers said was a fixed election.