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Belarusians in Poland Combine protests against President Lukashenko

Countless Belarusians living in Poland joined the protests denouncing the contested election which led to President Alexander Lukashenko being chosen for a sixth term.

1 protest organizer said that they were advocating the Belarusian embassy in Warsaw to denounce Lukashenko.

“We filed a letter to the workers of the Embassy, to the diplomats, requesting them to select the side of the country, to take a side of the actual president Svetlana Tikhanovskaya,” Anatol Michnaviec explained.

Opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya fled to Lithuania a week, even after she stated President Lukashenko’s government had faked the election outcome.

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was likewise in Warsaw on Saturday where he had been to meet Poland’s prime minister, as a way to talk Belarus.

The government has declared an $11 million fund to assist protesters to protect visas and repay in Poland.

Approximately 6,700 protesters have been arrested by the security services in Belarus. After being published some stated they were tortured and exhibited extensive bruise marks on their bodies into the press in Minsk.

Stepan Svetlov, that conducts online news stage Next, was able to bypass the government-imposed news but he’s been threatened with prosecution.

“Except us, you will find almost no additional sources of advice. Now I have received advice that they started a criminal case which I might face no less than 15 decades up to 15 decades, in prison simply because we’ve been only delivering advice,” he informed Euronews.

1 protester has started a hunger strike before the European Commission building in Warsaw.

“I need the European Union to urgently adopt and present sanctions against Lukashenko’s regime. That’s the reason why I chose to go on hunger strike,” Maksim Cherniavski explained.

1 Polish MP that has just returned from Belarus attempted to guarantee that the protesters gathered outside the European Commission building in on Saturday he had been on their side.

“The parliament is with you. We’re here, in the front of the construction of the temptations of the EC, to appeal to free each of the individuals detained in those days and nights,” Michal Szczerba informed them.