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Belgian Curry chief appeals for Authorities to chip amid coronavirus Catastrophe

Belgium’s potato market is requesting the government to chip in and allow it to endure the coronavirus lockdown.

While the nation is famous for its chips, the business has few customers in the home. Normally, 90 percent of potatoes have been exported.

However, with travel bans and restaurants shut across the planet, the food distribution chain was disrupted.

“This is the very first time that the potato industry is requesting assistance to the authorities,” admits Romain Cools, secretary-general of Belgapom, the institution representing the Belgian potato commerce and processing market.

He says that the business is facing numerous problems because of EU legislation. He states tools to aid in a crisis aren’t geared towards farmers.

Piles of potatoes have become stuck on farms and several do not have the amenities to keep them clean.

The European Commission says there isn’t any particular program to help farmers deal with the catastrophe. On Thursday, MEPs will debate strategies to assist agriculture businesses – such as the Belgian potato sector – to get over the slump.

Meanwhile, the potato industry is on the lookout for ways from this crisis – like creative alternatives, as Cools informs us.

“Many folks ask us when the coronavirus is over… to have a large federal Belgian chips festival! To enjoy and also to earn a celebration at the close of the tragedy!”