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Belgian F-16 fighter jet crashes into France, pilot hits power line

A Belgian F-16 fighter jet crashed Thursday in western France, damaging a home, placing a field and leaving a pilot suspended for two hours by a high-energy power lineup following his parachute got caught, following the French government.

Emergency employees pulled the pilot after cutting off electricity in the region, and he had been taken to a local hospital for medical checks, a spokesman for the regional government told The Associated Press.

No injuries are reported. Surrounding houses were evacuated since the pilot was being removed along with firefighters fought the blaze in the wreck.

Among the airplane’s wings sliced the roofing and facade of a home in the town of Pluvigner, in Britanny, before diving to a neighboring farm area, stated Ludovic Kauffer, that resides in the house.

Kauffer was at the time of this morning crash, but his parents were home and explained to him that the”booms” of this crash.

“My mom is in shock, my dad was too,” he told The AP. “The most significant issue is that everybody is OK.”

Two pilots were aboard and ejected before the crash. One was rescued, but another got stuck onto the electricity line.

The airplane itself wasn’t armed, the announcement said.

Local paper Le Telegramme showed pictures of this pilot hanging in the line, black smoke and flames rising from the region and a busted house.

A federal police spokeswoman said no accidents had been reported among residents in the region.